The temperature is rising and there is no ticket hotter than An Officer and a Gentleman at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal which will be running until Saturday 28 July.

This is the world premiere of a new musical prior to visiting London, with an outstanding soundtrack showcasing some of the most popular feel good songs of the 80’s as well as a talented cast who have performed in West End productions such as Annie, Starlight Express and Half A Sixpence, even just looking at the incredible staging and lighting on display this was going to be a sure fire hit which could quite simply sweep you off your feet!

The Theatre Royal Nottingham was packed, there wasn’t a empty seat and if there was it was well hidden, the audience took to their seats and were greeted with video montage of all things 80’s, across music, entertainment, news and pretty much everything in-between.

Zack Mayo (Jonny Fines) is training to become a US Navy Pilot. When he rocks up to boot camp with a bit of a chip on his shoulder and oozing with a little too much swagger, the drill Sergeant Foley (Ray Shell) doesn’t make it easy for him.

Learning about the importance of love and friendship after losing a friend and falling for a local girl Paula Pokrifki (Emma Williams), Zack must change his ways if he wants to make it and truly become an Officer and a Gentleman.

I really enjoyed the production and with a standing ovation to top it off it seemed like everyone else did, there were plenty of laughs which were mostly delivered by Ray Shell who played Sergeant Foley, keeping his young recruits in check.

There was also plenty of vocal talent on display from Jonny Fines and Emma Williams, Jonny put in everything he got to reach those powerful notes whilst Emma elegantly silenced the theatre with her impressive range and wonderful vocals.

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There were funny moments as previously mentioned but there was also sad and upsetting moments, seeing their struggles and watching them over come them was quite heart felt, Ian McIntosh made our emotions run wild as he put on a stellar performance as the role of Sid Worley. Seeing Keisha Atwell, who played the role of Casey Seegar battle through when it seemed like all of lost and wanted to throw in the towel, it was an amazing personal journey we were taken on.

Jessica Daley who played the role of Lynette Pomeroy also wanted a way out, a better life for herself travelling the world not matter what the costs, her performance was also top class.

Each and every cast member worked their socks off, even in the heat of the theatre, as it felt like there wasn’t any air con in the building as I and many other people in the audience were sweating (No that wasn’t because Jonny Fined and Emma Williams had some steaming moments) and the cast looked like they were too, it was just too damm hot in there.

Each and every scene had a different piece of classy 80’s music to go with it, whether it be from a movie/music video or just something that happened around the time, the audience were singing along and it was quite enjoyable and the story was being told through each song, even Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin on a Prayer’ made an appearance and it wasn’t even at the end of the night.

All in all I had a great night so US Navy Pilot hats off to the producers / directors and the production team and crew who made this happen. I’m sure anyone that goes to see An Officer and a Gentleman will do too, so if you haven’t already got the hottest ticket in town what you waiting for.

Good Points:
– Strong Vocal Performances all round
– Chessey 80’s fun lovin music
– Cast and Crew gave it their all
– Quick movement and changing of the sets

Bad Points:
– Noisy offset (During the Motel scene people can clearly be heard talking backstage, this could be the cast/crew on their mics but it was just during the quiet moments where their wasn’t a banging soundtrack so was a little off putting)
– Too many songs? Felt like it was just throwing another song in there when it wasn’t needed, however it is a musical after-all and all of the songs were good

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