Just got back from the sold out Theatre Royal in Nottingham after seeing the production of An Inspector Calls which I have to say I have been looking forward to for quite sometime so was hoping it was going to live up to the hype…..

Well let’s just say we wish the Inspector didn’t bother to turn up as I found this quite boring and dull with no real sense of atmosphere at all , most times it seems like the cast where finishing their lines and waiting for the next to start which often meant silent moments where the actor had finished his/her lines and was waiting for a piece of background music to start or for the next member of cast to begin their next line it just didn’t feel fluid even with a sell out crowd.

Speaking about the crowd which was filled up with young school girls on a school trip who tended to drop a mobile phone a number of times throughout the performance or someone who kept blowing their nose on the quiet moments of the performance just was annoying, obviously nothing towards the play, just took a shine off things.

There was no real reason in my eyes why there were young children on the stage messing around with the curtains, throughout each scene, it didn’t mean anything to me nor have any point to the matter of the play unless i missed something. It just looked very unusual and not needed.

The story itself sees a wealthy family having a dinner party celebrating a number of achievements within the household , all seems to be going hunky doorey till there was a knock at the door and it was An Inspector who was calling……..

The young children then seemed to run off and play no other part of the story until the curtains dropped again throughout the performance for no reason , the twist of the story works quite well leading us to what should of been a chilling finale which really wasn’t part way through the Inspector seemed to give us a speech about people and people looking for help and our actions will effect them , with a young children next to him plus due to the noise of the audience on the key parts where over looked by someone dropping their phone or sneezing which made the class of school girls laugh throughout that segment.

With a quite nice but different stage setup with a house / apartment / dolls house in the middle of the stage which opened up throughout the performance I felt that it should of been a little bigger as most of the actors had to duck to get out the door way.

Rounding up then it was quite good, nothing to tell the grand kids about, it just didn’t live up to the hype I gave it and wish it would of been so much better in more ways then one.

Pros – Stage | The Set Up | Thriller At The Theatre

Cons – Whats Up With The Curtain Children | The Hype | Not Loud Enough | Actors Seem Off Key