20th Century Boy transports one back to the ordinary home of the young dreamer Marc Bolan. Unclear of his path to fame yet already knowing he was bound for the stars.

Bookmarking the key moments on stage with rich performances lead by George Maguire who captures the mannerisms of the charismatic poet with a flair that I dare say Marc himself would be impressed. Sarah Moss, as the broad smiling inspirational June, radiating a believable warmth, drawing the audience into the interpersonal journey they take as the success of T-REX takes shape. Success that takes Marc to the biggest of the big time, marriage and outselling his first idol Elvis. The creative team from Bolanic Productions should be deeply applauded for boldly choosing not just to put on a tribute band, but daring to tell a fuller story enriched by showing the strains and lows of “making it” and the frustrations behind the scenes. Challenges of being on the road, new love. Drink and drugs, its all rock and roll!

With highly functional set design adapting to the stage of the Theatre Royal in the form of 2 walls, meeting in the middle of the stage opening inverse to reveal the live musicians thumping out fantastic renditions of the hits Hot Love, I love to boogie, Metal Guru. Children of the revolution! Dreamy Lady and many more of the signature tunes. As well as effective use of projection, bringing us through the years with memorable riffs and news headlines.

Stand out from the performances was the incredible vocal talent of Ellena Vincent portraying Gloria. Mother to Marcs son, what a voice! Her presence on stage was captivating and commanding. A competent supporting cast including notable talent Kristian Lao who has such a rich range of vocals and a performance that raises her up to shine. All the cast looking to be living the rock and roll dream themselves in how comfortable they perform together.

The audience were rising from their seats and dancing to the life of one of the most seminal British acts with great joy. Fans brought the iconic bowers casting feathers snowing over the crowd as they sang aloud to the historic hits. Rapturous applause throughout.

20th Century Boy ends its Nottingham leg of the tour this Saturday at the Theatre Royal be sure not to miss out on a tremendous show.


20th Century Boy