“I Wanna Rock!” was the roar which was heard by the packed out audience in Nottingham as the cast of Rock of Ages were in town for one week only!

Rock of Ages lands at Theatre Royal Nottingham as part of this most recent tour and if you are fan of glam rock, big laughs and even bigger dreams this is a musical like no other.

Behind all the lights, smoke and spandex, there’s a love story to be told here, and with most love stories there are always hurdles in the way and challenges to overcome. Get ready for a 2+ hour dose of a ‘not so normal’ love story.

Everyone took to their seats and it felt like more like a watching a rock concert than a musical, this was made more apparent as the Rock of Ages programme only had flashy photos with no text or even details about the cast and crew, giving it that authentic feel at the time (Which could actually have been intended as this was a Press night and we were given a separate sheet displaying the cast and musical numbers, so for general admission this may have been different)

As the music started and the lights hit, you knew you was going to be in for a ‘Journey’ to remember. If you’re a fan of 80s Rock then this would feel like the best mix tape ever made as you will be singing along to each and every track performed live by the cast and the on stage live band, it really felt like we had been taken back to the birth place of Rock n’ Roll.

I couldn’t stop smiling, laughing and singing along to the amazing soundtrack all night. The cast put on such a powerful and energetic performance, you can’t help but get involved with the fun. Even the most hardened back seat listener would be tapping their feet along to the beat!
The lighting and stage design really give it that nostalgic feeling of being back in the 80s with all its neon lights, sharp references, and catchy numbers.

On a slightly different ‘note’, I’ve seen Rock of Ages a number of times by different production teams, casts and crews and what is a given is each and every time it’s a great performance. It just feels like a type of event that the crew can’t wait to get their teeth into and just rock the night away. As like the other times I have seen Rock of Ages there is always a particular stand out cast member, who’s performance you gravitate to as a viewer, and in this production there was certainly one which stood out above the rest. I’ll get onto that person in a minute, but a quick note about everyone else.

Jodie Steele (Played the role as Sherrie) gave a steller performance, it looked like she really put her heart and soul into it and showcasing her vocal and physical talent.

Luke Walsh (Played the role of Drew) made looking those high notes easy, belting the songs we all loved and fit the role perfectly.

Kevin Kennedy (Played the role of Dennis) brought humor and who knew that he could sing as well, great fun!

Zoe Birkett (Played the role of Justice) what can I say wow wow wow, incredible vocals putting the soul and sass into her performance. Over powering and showing her vocal range.

Kevin Clifton (Played the role of Stacee Jaxx) was one of the main reason why tickets were sold, many of the audience was clearly there just to see him. He didn’t disappoint, for his scenes he brought his energy to the stage and character as well as a comedy element, good vocals on hand as well which was a bonus.

Everyone I’ve listed and those I haven’t were outstanding, from the backing dancers and singers to the main cast to the crew to the live band, this is why this is a smash hit musical, everything is done right, however, the person that stole the show in my eyes was Lucas Rush (Played the role of Lonny), whenever he was on stage I was smiling and laughing, he got the audience involved and stepped out of character which I wish other cast members did as well from time to time to keep it fresh. His performance made the production in my opinion, I could watch a show just with him in it!

Good Points:

  • Lucas Rush
  • Live Music
  • Stage design and lighting
  • Eye candy
  • Balance between story and live music

Bad Points

  • Open mic issue by Rhiannon Chesterman (Played the role of Regina) when She was leaving the stage, took me out off the scene slightly. Hopefully would have gone unnoticed to most other audience members though.
  • Stage could have been lifted, or different higher set layout, as some of the scenes had the actors laying on the floor, which was difficult to see even on the stall seats.

If you like musicals such as ‘We will Rock You’ & ‘Mamma Mia’ and ‘HairSpray’ you will like this!

Go see it as it’s only in Nottingham for a week!

More information on how to book your tickets here https://trch.co.uk/whats-on/rock-of-ages/