Gift experiences bring more happiness than possessions according to research, which means SimSpot, the East Midlands premier flight simulator, could be the perfect present this Christmas.



A report from leading academics in the US has shown that experiences provide more enduring happiness and excitement than tangible presents, making the flight deck, located in The Cornerhouse, an increasingly attractive proposition for gift seekers.   


Andy Wallace, managing director of SimSpot, said: “Many of us like to look back on life’s more exciting experiences with fond memories, so it’s no surprise that the latest research supports the view that a good day out will last longer in the memory than a new jumper or bottle of aftershave.


“Everyone tends to be grateful for what they receive at Christmas but that joy can be short-lived. Our experience at SimSpot is quite the opposite. We get positive feedback on a regular basis from members of the public who have been quickly transformed into wannabe pilots. Who wouldn’t get a thrill from attempting a take-off or landing a Boeing 737?”


Professor Thomas Gilovich, of Cornell University, New York, and his academic peers suggest that waiting for an experience elicits more happiness and excitement than waiting for material goods. That experience tends to make people happier because they are less likely to measure the value of their experiences by comparing them to those of others.


SimSpot’s qualified commercial pilots guide members of the public through take-offs and landings from a choice of the world’s 24,000 airfields. The technology in the cockpit can also give your flight that extra festive feel with a flurry of snow or a trip to Lapland.


SimSpot offers visitors a choice of session lengths, ranging from 20 minutes, with prices starting from £49. Christmas offers at SimSpot start at £90, for a 30-minute flight experience and a special three-course meal for two at [email protected] (located in The Cornerhouse). Alternatively, gift vouchers can be purchased from £25.


For more information on SimSpot’s Christmas package, and their other sim experiences, please visit or visit the Facebook and Twitter pages @SimSpotLtd.