‘Unconditional love’ is the best thing about having a dog, according to a new survey by Town & Country Petfoods.

The company, manufacturers of the popular HiLife brand of cat and dog foods, asked its Facebook and Twitter followers to let them know what they thought was the best thing about having a dog.

The survey was part of the celebrations to mark the company’s 40th anniversary this year. Not surprisingly, ‘unconditional love’ came out on top.

Also in the top 10 were:

Making new friends when out walking
The welcome you get every time you get home
They don’t judge your mistakes
They always make you smile, even if you’re down
You can tell them your secrets and they won’t breathe a word
Playing games
Watching them dream
They make you feel safe and secure

Peter Parkinson, marketing director at Town & Country, said: “We thought it would be fun to engage with our online community to compile the very best thing about having a dog
“We’re always surprised how passionate people are about their pets. Indeed, there is a little rivalry going on between our @HilLifeDog and @HiLifeCat communities, but it’s all good fun.”

More unusual responses to the survey included ‘My dog is easier to train than my husband,’ ‘I don’t have to bark at the postman anymore’, and ‘My dog is an excuse for any weird noises I might make.’

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