The PS4 is here at LAST!

Sony have unleashed the most powerful home console in the world this weekend to the UK and Europe market, and its already selling thick and fast, with reported suggestions that it is nearly sold out. If you havn’t been lucky enough to get your hands on one yet, or pre ordered one, then you will be unlikely to see it this side of Christmas.

Keep an eye out for ItsMuchMore resident Sony man AndyKFry’ for his take on the console itself, and some hands on with the platform, the XMB,  the hardware, and the software in the coming weeks.

With a cheaper release price than the recently released Xbox One, Sony may have won some Xbox adopters, as well as some new fans along the way. Not all has been plain sailing so far for the new PS4, with consoles bricking, or numerous issues freezing the system, including the PSN failing under the immediate pressure of this EU launch,

resogun_ps4padHowever, as like on the Xbox One launch,  there will always be known launch problems, so its always a rick to buy on day one. But if no one buys, then there can be no progression, so here’s hoping both platforms sort out their teething problems, sooner than later.

Many people are reporting that the raw power of the PS4 is what makes the new console the gamers choice, as many of the entertainment features are being held back until software updates, unlike the Xbox One, which is being seen as the entertainment all in one. Unfortunately the gaming side on Xbox One looks to be left to the side every so slightly at least in comparison to the numbers given out by Sony when looking afar, but up close, there really isn’tm much in it, and give it a year, there will be nothing at all, as both with be excellent consoles, and entertainment platforms. You may have a tough decision on which console you choose at the present time, but if you have the option, i truly recommend, over time, that you get both.

resogun_11With the release of the new Sony console, that also means new games, as well as exclusives, with the hotly anticipated new title in the Killzone Series, Killzone Shadow Fall, new kid friendly title Knack, the gorgeous looking Resogun (which we had a try out at Eurogamer Expo 2013, and was a rather tasty glorious, complex looking 2d side ways, up and down shooter, in the vein of Ikaruga, with chains, and combos to build boosts), and other multi platform titles, like next gen Fifa 14, Need For Speed Rivals, Battlefield 4 next gen, Call Of Duty Ghost next gen, and more.

Its a good time once again, to be a gamer.