ps4software175Xbox One was touted at the all in one media centre, games console, Blu-ray player, music player, TV DVR unit and what not, but hey, the PS4 did all that too, and now its got out of the blocks before Microsoft as well, as now the PS4 allows 3D Blu-ray playback in its latest software 1.75 update thats been rolling out today…….wooooo…..or maybe not. Does anyone actually watch, or even enjoy 3D films.. well for one I don’t. PS4 still need to play catch up in terms of some other features like DLNA support, but in terms of Blu-ray, its got an extra notch.

Anyway, another nice addition to the glowing console wars, and so far its a 1 up, just, to PS4 on the Blu-ray radar, no doubt Microsoft will rush out an update to the Xbone, but if not, well I’m sure your not missing out in your (superior) 2D playback!