Listen up architects, Introversion’s sleeper hit Prison Architect is finally busting out of Early Access later this year – with the full version of the game burrowing its way onto Steam in October.

prisonarchrelease2In case you fell asleep during the briefing, architect, you’re here to build and manage your very own Maximum Security Prison. Your prison will be holding the most hardened felons this side of Alcatraz, so make sure you build decent walls and manage to wire that electric chair properly. Oh, and for god’s sake, don’t forget to put in a toilet!

Players around the world have been keeping their penitentiaries on lock down for almost three years, fully immersing themselves into the highly addictive world of Prison Architect as they work tirelessly to craft the perfect cage. Since the launch of the alpha, Prison Architect has gone from strength to strength, seeing high praise from all manner of gaming press and eventually going on to gain a player base of over 1 million.

prisonarchrelease3This gripping new take on the well worn simulation genre has enraptured gamers everywhere, with its unique premise and engrossing narrative making it the world’s best lock-em-up. Prison Architect’s huge success on Steam Early Access has been in part down to Introversion’s regularly stream of hefty content updates – and not wanting to disappoint, this week also brings Alpha 35 to owners of the game.

This October, fans of the critically acclaimed alpha can finally get locked in with the long awaited full release.

Check out the update video below.