Edge of Reality are proud to announce a new game mode in the upcoming free-to-play online title, Loadout – ‘Annihilation.’ The new Annihilation mode balances team-based success with an individualized power-up system that rewards players for superior performance. ‘Annihilation’ will be available for all when Loadout launches on January 31, 2014.

At its core, ‘Annihilation’ mode combines gameplay objectives from three classic Loadout modes (Jackhammer, Blitz and Death Snatch) and fuses it together with in-game player progression and power-ups. In doing so, it forms an intense environment where high levels of communication and teamwork are required to be successful. ‘Annihilation’ mode supports up to eight players at one time and can be played in both exhibition and practice.


Loadout is currently in beta via Early Access on Steam. Loadout will officially be released for the PC on January 31, 2014.

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