Plugged is an unique project that offers adventure games’ fans what they love most – decision-based narrative with multiple different paths and endings, that depend solely on choices player makes throughout the game. Developed on Unreal Engine 4 for PC, Mac and Linux is best when experienced on Oculus Rift, although works just as good on your regular PC without the VR headset.

Download Plugged demo HERE and watch the gameplay trailer HERE.

Endtimes Studio – the team behind the game, consist of experienced devs previously working for Blizzard Entertainment, TakeOne studio, Games Workshop and Eipix Entertainment among others. They are now seeking for a 20,000 GBP funding on Kickstarter to bring Plugged to life. You can support their efforts by visiting the campaign page:

‘Go get a job!’ – that’s your wife. ‘You have an interview to do remember?’ – her again. ‘Move or you gonna be late!’. Yeah. As an adult, responsible man you know she’s right. And you know you should listen to her. And go, do the interview, then go back and say you got the job. Thing is not every day your high school sweetheart gets in touch with you asking for a meeting. The problem is it’s in some hotel on the other side of the city. If you go you’ll most likely miss the interview, don’t get the job and… well it’s better not to think of what happens next, when you go back home. On the other hand if you make it to the interview you’ll surely miss the meeting with that girl and the last time you’ve been in that hotel together… Oh boy, let’s just say you wouldn’t like to miss that! So do you want to be adult and responsible or…?

This is how you begin your adventure in Plugged – a game where every choice matters and leads you to different paths, events and endings. On paper, it plays like a regular, old-school point-and-click adventure game, but the addition of 3D environment allows you to immerse in the game on a greater level. One of the key features of Plugged is Oculus Rift full support, which allows you to use your own eyes and head movement to solve puzzles. However, the game doesn’t require one to be played. It works just as good on regular monitors.

The 3D environment is fully interactive allowing you to look at objects, examine them closely, use or even smash them. In the end smashing some glasses is always a good way of letting some steam off when you’re stuck on a puzzle. Or you can simply go back, make a different choice and try again. Nothing’s impossible in the surreal world of Plugged.

This world was created by artists who successfully and creatively mix ‘50s pin-up visual style with tons of pop-culture references, jokes and knowing winks towards your way. You can read more about their approach and see some references on the latest dev blog post HERE. Whether you are a Twin Peaks fan, X-files freak, more into J. M. W. Turner paintings or a graffiti lover (SAMO© anyone?) you’ll find in Plugged something that will make you smile. At least. Which doesn’t mean the game lacks of a more serious atmosphere. It will send some shivers up and down your spine more than once. Trust us on that one.


  • Classic point and click adventure puzzles.
  • The story that allows you to (re)live key points in your life.
  • Decision-based narrative that leads to many different paths and endings.
  • Best played on Oculus Rift (but playable without one too).
  • A unique mash-up of ‘50s pin-up visual style with multiple pop-culture references.

More information about Plugged can be found on the game’s official website: http://www.pluggedthegame.comFacebookSteam Greenlightand Endtimes Studio Twitter.