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The UK’s favourite arcade, indie and retro games show is coming to London in August 2018! Hundreds of consoles, handhelds, computers, arcades, pinballs and PC’s all running the very best in classic and modern video games and all free to play!

Organised by experienced video game events specialists Replay Events the show will be full with features, exhibitors and more retro gaming mayhem than London has ever seen.

Jam packed with everything you love about gaming and popular culture, the show has something for everyone.

PLAY Expo London – 11/12 August 2018 – Retro, Arcade, Pinball, Indie, Modern Gaming, Minecraft, VR, LAN, Guests, Merchandise, Tournaments and More!

The show is set to be an amazing event.


Cosplay Masquerade – Be in with a chance to win £200 by entering PLAY Expo London’s Cosplay Masquerade.
Cosplay Zone & Judges – Here’s a list of all our judges for the Cosplay Masquerade.
Knightmare Live! – The critically acclaimed stage adaptation of the cult TV show Knightmare is coming to PLAY Expo London!
The Ready Player One & Back To The Future DeLorean – Get your picture taken inside this iconic piece of geek culture.
Knightmare TV Show Panel – Come and talk to the guys behind the cult classic Knightmare! Cast, Artists and more in our panel!
Retro Gaming – The Movie – PLAY Expo London plays host to Retro Gaming The Movie with an exclusive preview of the film!



Slopes Game Room – Historic Documentary Style Videos… About Video Games; DJ Slopes is coming to PLAY Expo London!
Kim Justice – Long documentaries on video game companies and shorter reviews of retro games; Kim Justice will be at PLAY Expo London!
Ashens – Comedian, actor, author, and internet sensation Stuart Ashen, better known as Ashens will be joining us all weekend long!
Octav1us Kitten – Retro games YouTuber, Charity streamer, and soon-to-be host of the Digitiser Show, Octav1us is at PLAY Expo London!
Nostalgia Nerd – Created to provide an outlet for one man’s passion of vintage hardware, software, gaming and general retro junk, Nostalgia Nerd is coming to PLAY Expo London!
Larry Bundy Jr – TV Presenter, comedian, artist, and content creator, Guru Larry will be joining us at PLAY Expo London!

Sensible Software Founder, Jon Hare – Sensible Software founder and industry legend Jon Hare will be attending this August!
Hewson Consultants Founder, Andrew Hewson – Known for producing high-quality games that pushed the boundaries of hardware, Andrew Hewson will be with us to talk about the early days of the games industry!
Bitmap Brothers Founder, Mike Montgomery – The original “rock star” games developers that continually strived for unique, commercially & critically acclaimed games!
Digitiser Creator, Paul Rose aka Mr. Biffo – Mr Biffo will be joining us at PLAY Expo London for a chat and Q&A about Digitiser, his Kickstarter and firing Goujons into space!
Dizzy Creators, The Oliver Twins – The creators of the Dizzy games are confirmed for PLAY Expo London!
Sonic Illustrator, Duncan Gutteridge – Providing illustrations for Sonic, Knuckles, and Sonic Triple Trouble, Duncan Gutteridge will be running a Sonic Drawing Masterclass as well as exhibiting some of his artwork to buy.
Knightmare’s Treguard – Hugo Myatt, the beloved Dungeon Master Treguard, will be with us for a Knightmarish weekend!
Awesome Play’s, Archer MacLean – A developer ahead of his time, Archer MacLean, the man behind Dropzone, IK, IK+ and more will be at PLAY Expo London!
Knightmare Artist, David Rowe – The artist behind Knightmare’s gorgeous backdrops, David Rowe will be joining us for our Knightmare Panel and more! Come and see some of his gorgeous video game box artwork including James Pond and Way of the Exploding Fist!



District G & East London Fighters – London’s premier eSports communities are running tournaments on fighting games and FIFA.
Super Mario Kart SNES – The UKs fastest, Sami Cetin & Leyla Hasso, will be running an SMK SNES tournament on Saturday!
– The UK’s leading Puyo Puyo community are running Puyo Puyo Tetris tournaments!

DAT Team – Super Smash Bros Wii-U tournaments thanks to DAT Team.



London Pinball & Flip Out London – Popular London pinball clubs will be supplying our extensive pinball zone!
Arcade Zone – We couldn’t have pinballs without arcade cabinets. Over 120 of them to be exact!
Retro Gaming – Play all of your childhood favourites. Close to 500 playable titles.
Next-Gen Zone – Play the latest AAA titles. We’ll have a section dedicated to retro remakes, retro inspired and modern retro games.
Virtual Reality – Delve into a virtual world on the latest in VR technology
Minecraft – Massive Multiplayer Minecraft is coming to PLAY Expo London
Classic PC Gaming Showcase – Point-and-clicks, FPS, RPGs and more, come and play some of PC Gaming’s finest!
LAN Gaming
– You might not host LAN parties anymore, but we do!

Rhythm Games – Whether you have the musicality of Mozart, or are just plain tone-deaf there’s something for everyone!



Trading Zone – Take home some retro-inspired merchandise
Indie Zone – We have a whole area devoted to indie games publishers. Come and meet the developers and play the games before anyone else!


Buy your tickets and to get more information here

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