Lets get the Ball rolling so to speak with another ItsMuchMore.com tournament, following from the success of the Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition tournament which we helped to promote and sponsor we have decided that we should now create our very own tournament and this time is on Pro Evolution 2012 for the Onlive Cloud Gaming Service.

pes2012You can sign for the tournament here

You can also join the tournament Facebook page where you can share and talk about the tournament here

More information coming soon but what we can tell you is that we will be giving out a PC game free to use on the Steam format or EA Origin.

So in the meantime if you was one of the people who downloaded PES 2012 or purchased the game on the Onlive Cloud Gaming service before it was removed from the marketplace and you want to take part and join us in the tournament then please use the tournament signup link above.

The game cannot be downloaded from the Marketplace on Onlive anymore so please don’t ask us to borrow accounts or share username and password information for you to play your match.

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