While Gamesom in Cologne will take a French accent this year as France is the guest of honor, Capital Games and Steam will also put the light on French video game productions, by proposing a selection of “Games From Paris” available at exceptional prices on Valve’s platform, from August 19th to the 25th.

The “Game From Paris” will feature 17 successful titles developed by Parisian studios, that Steam users will be able to download at a discounted prices!

This initiative from Capital Games and Steam will put under the light the dynamism and quality of the studios based in the Parisian region, that have offered for many years, cult titles praised by the players and the press!

Thus, Steam users will have the chance to download recent successes like Remember Me (DontNod), Wargame AirLand Battle (Eugen Systems), ShootMania (Nadeo), Mars War Logs (Spiders) or Game of Thrones (Cyanide)!

Full list of Games From Paris:

Cities XL Platinium: 50 % off
Trackmania 2 Canyon: 50 % off
Trackmania 2 Stadium: 50 % off
ShootMania Storm: 50 % off
Game Of Thrones: 75 % off
Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition: 75 % off
Another World: 50 % off
Puddle: 70 % off
Mars: War Logs: 50 % off
Stellar Impact: 75 % off
Storm: 40 % off
The Cursed Crusade: 50 % off
Wargame: AirLand Battle: 50 % off
Dungeonbowl: Ultimate Edition: 50 % off
Of Orcs And Men: 75 % off
Remember Me: 40 % off
Dungeon Party: Free to Play

About Capital Games
CAPITAL GAMES acts for and in cooperation with the Video Game professionals of the Paris Region. The Business Cluster accompanies its members in the short and medium term (exports, training, R&D support, financing advice, support during the economic crisis etc.). It also helps towards structuring the industry in the long run (defining job and skills profiles, joint action, lobbying etc.). CAPITAL GAMES undertakes all its actions working closely with its public partners, among whom are the Région Ile de France, the Paris City Hall, the Ministry for Industry (DRIRE), the Ministry of Labour (DRTEFP) and the Secretariat in charge of Foreign trade (DRCE). The support by these authorities is proof of their strong commitment to the industry.