Eurogamer Expo or what it is now know as EGX is over for another year, last year so the battle of the next gen consoles so this year was all about the games…. Well that’s what I thought, giving that Christmas is on its way and we have price drops and bundles from all the big hitters plastered everywhere, so you would of thought there would of been enough of these consoles not to have to queue up for 90 minutes just to play one of its games.

Well that wasn’t the case, I felt anyway I ended up only playing games I already owned or retro and indie games, so it was an expensive day travelling down to pretty much not play anything.

altAilFWo1tqJDV7zFuh9A2ZMD05xmdj5agslW55Jpvqjkd@WB_Games booth staff were as deadly as their volunteer zombies walking around, they kept rushing over the people and saying “No photos or Videos, if I see you taking any I will take your device off you and remove the content!” I really would like to see them try and enforce this but of course we did what we was told that just spoiled the start of the Expo as we like to take images of the booth including its wall art.

That being said other stands welcomed videos and photos and the staff were happy to take the photos or videos for you, but with a game which is already out and on Steam unable to take photos or footage I felt was a bit odd, we are gamers we are the ones that buy the games and talk about them and review them, why can’t we have a mobile phone picture or video? That was what a number of people were saying to the at staff on the stands.

altAq76qUJts72KiyR9GjAIKuK9tyFQTNTO5kEj-KfojkaIThere was no real atmosphere this year, in previous years we had over excitable staff members of EGX and gaming stands handing out goodies / leaflets or just walking around with the game promoted on their bottoms, that wasn’t the case this year. Sardines spring to mind when they had people in sections of the show floor for the tournaments , giveaways and cosplay so you would of thought that meant you could easily jump on a game as everyone was otherwise engaged…. No still queues of people on the limited number of headliner games.

Negative points aside now, I am gonna focus on the more positive elements and what I did enjoy of the EGX, standing outside Earls Court and seeing all the smilingly faces excited about playing a whole host of games, seeing the posters and banners of The Evil Within.

altAkBiuy_7T9yr6_hEDID-K9GAnJZFjxYVtTZPN4tz0LlpOnce in Earls Court the reception staff were really nice one fella commented on my Shenmue t’shirt, so its great to have a gamer comment on another gamer for the right reasons of course, walked onto the show floor and picked up the first control pad of the day which was on the Ubisoft stand for Trials Fusion, that would be one of the only control pads I would pick up throughout the whole day.

Apart from the Warner Brothers staff all the other booth staff were really helpful and polite, so the only thing I can take away from this years EGX was the fact that there wasn’t enough next gen consoles to show off the games, and being told off about taking photos just put a damper on the whole experience.

The Indie and Rezzed section were really good played Goldeneye on N64 I was hoping for a bit of four player deathmatch but there was only three controllers so that had to do, and of course I was James Bond and won the round then moved onto Mashed on Xbox this was a four play race and once again won that one as well 🙂 the older games are the best games. Lots of other retro classic games where there I even got the chance for the first ever time to play the Nintendo Virtual Boy and let me just say this was great! the controller felt good with a solid d-pad and the game which was played was Mario Tennis. I am so glad I got to play one of these I even looked on ebay afterwards but not playing £180 so will just have to look forward to PlayExpo Manchester!

altAgpqkmUQSylzmispdDRu-XpdlI9RFxOMt5gbiYOeDxZCThe games aside for one moment it was really the people that made this Expo bearable, I had a walk over to the education section and the get into gaming were collages and companies had stalls and tents / stands to speak to people within the game industry, this was one of the most interesting parts of EGX and I had a great chat with David Allen from as part of Birmingham City University, he explained courses and how to get into the games industry, this was a lengthly chat and we agreed to swap contact details so we will be having press releases and an interview with David on ItsMuchMore over the coming weeks.

I also got to play some more education games such as Vocal created by Paul Dillon, it played a little bit like Half Life 2 and used the came type of graphic all you had to do was follow the voices and you would need to collect the hovering buttons, once pressed you would hear some voices ‘voicals’ which was a tad spooky. It wasn’t just the Virtual Boy I got to play, because of the Educational area I got to play the Oculus Rift this was also the first time I had played this too, it was the first generation of the Oculus Rift and the game was created by a student studying games design, the game was a down hill skiing game, collecting coins and on-coming objects like trees and hills, the further on the level you went the more speed you would pick up making it more difficult to dogde on-coming objects, moving your head left and right to dodge it was a weird experience but it would be good for a on the rails horror game if you hold a gun and shoot it would work really well.

altAqtsHg3M-d2Xvo3Fy3XJlvpMnXCAnFSyt29zil1hxt2MOverall this wasn’t the best Expo we had been too, but it wasn’t the worst it was close to be thou, the sooner we got there the sooner we wanted to go home, I don’t know weather it is us just getting older and tired of queuing to play a few minutes of a demo, but just didn’t have the same thrill and excitement as previous years.

What games did we get to play?

Dying Light: When speaking to Warner Brothers booth staff they mentioned it was a different demo from last year, I am unsure if it was but with the six minute demo I spend half the time walking to the sections on the map were it was telling me to go kind of GTA style only to find I was leaving the demo area, so just decided to use the remaining two minutes to hack and slash my way past the horde of zombies. Full hands on Preview here

– Trials Fusion *New DLC Levels* : It played great that’s why I already own it, but least it gave us something to play after three plus hours of travelling to London. The map pack and level design was really polished, sadly the games were not linked on a network as last year there was Trials tournaments this year just single player or offline multiplayer.


– Gauntlet : This was my game of the show, I didn’t even know this game had already been released a few days prior on steam, the staff member on the stand said its only a PC game and no console release which is a same, but it just felt amazing the visuals were great and keeping to its classic retro roots with the onslaught of baddies once again it was a shame this wasn’t linked with the three machines, its not that we needed food badly, we needed help badly as it was too much for me as the wizard to deal with on my own.

altAvym0Y9a41kp7He0mnAPOhguh-vQbGdo_UI7_UU1fcHXA good touch was the different ways you can change to fire (As the wizard character) from burst fire to rapid fire just using different spells to transform the fire range method, choosing which one was vital in defeating the baddies which ever way worked better for the different way they were coming at you.


Mushroom11 (Indie Game) I came across this game by accident, but I am glad I found it. If you liked the Mega Drive game Ooze then you will be sure to think this is quite good and alot better than that, the idea of the game is to use the left click of the mouse and guide the Ooze like object around the level, to move faster you have to use a erase motion and to move forward you just hold in the left mouse. You will start to lose some of your ‘Ooze’ but it will rebuild itself back up the more you progress through the level. Good visuals and easy to pick up controls this was my Indie game of EGX.