Growing up in the 1980s for us it was Video Games, Cartoons and Wrestling on the Television. In our new YouTube Series we take a look at WWF (Now Known as WWE) Hasbro Wrestling Figures and how we came to collect them as well as fun facts and secerts which you may or may not know.

The video series will span across all of the figure released series with a couple of special episodes along the way.

These videos are new for us and the editing and content will be ever changing and we welcome all feedback good or bad so we can look to improving in the future.

We have two episodes already on our YouTube channel and are currently working on episodes three as of the time of posting this article, if you’ve missed them you can check them out here:

Episode One – Series One –

In these video collections we are joined by our friend and member of the WWF/E Hasbro Collectors Community Jake, who showcases his figure collection as well as stories from the past.

Episode Two – Series Two –