Due to the numerous amount of rogue friend requests asking for password and account information to try and play your purchased games which would more than likely result in them stealing your Onlive account, so we decided to create a list to name and shame everyone who does this. It normally happens when your playing a game that isn’t able to be downloaded from the marketplace any more and you will have a friend invite from someone and then you will get a message from them asking to have your account to play on the game that your playing, a simple ‘No’ is normally good enough to get rid of them and then just remove them off your friends list, but lately some of the people asking have become more rude stating they will hack or take over your profile anyway. So the best thing to do is not respond to them and just remove them off your friends list so they are unable to send you messages because at the moment in time you are unable to block players so they may send you a couple of thing invites but fingers crossed they will get bored after a number of attempts in trying.


This list will continuously be updated.

  • 4EVrTRB
  • Anel626
  • Turan_Sevin
  • Tomisin24
  • nebojsa12
  • jermaine360
  • eddycanne
  • Vankata02   *Updated Oct 2013*
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