OnLive, the leader in cloud gaming, and Green Man Gaming today announced a new channel partnership. For the first time, customers will be able to purchase OnLive® Game Service subscriptions outside of the OnLive ecosystem, making Green Man Gaming the first online retailer to offer OnLive’s ‘play anywhere’ subscriptions to its customers.

From later today, the new OnLive Games Bundle subscription, priced at £8.95/$12.95/€9.99, will be available from Green Man Gaming, as well as a free 3-day ‘no commitment’ trial for all its customers. Customers will also be able to exchange Green Man Gaming rewards for access to OnLive’s services.

The great-value OnLive Games Bundle subscription combines all the features of OnLive’s PlayPack and CloudLift subscriptions, whilst giving players a 25% saving on the individual packages. This means gamers get the best of all worlds:
Unlimited instant access to a library of over 250 hit games like The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Directors Cut and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition, Darksiders and Darksiders II, Metro 2033, Deus Ex, Saints Row: The Third, and many more.
Turn any OnLive-compatible device into a powerful gaming rig (includes low-powered laptops, Mac, TV, Android consoles, tablets and smartphones).
Play the latest PC games like Tropico 5, GRID Autosport, and Dead Island: Epidemic, anywhere, without having to download or install, even if they don’t own a gaming PC.
Instant access to MMOGs like War Thunder, running silky smooth on OnLive’s game servers.
Great cloud-only features like global spectating and Brag Clips.

Details of all available games can be found here

“Our core mission is to always go beyond a sale,” said Paul Sulyok, CEO at Green Man Gaming. “Offering our customers the ability to now play their games wherever they like on multiple platforms, as well as welcoming a new audience to Green Man Gaming thanks to OnLive’s subscription services makes this not just a very exciting partnership, but makes it a great time to be a gamer!”

Rick Sanchez, VP of Product Marketing for OnLive added: “We’ve been tremendously impressed by how Green Man Gaming works for its community, continuously shaping their offerings to a seemingly individual level. We see a great fit for OnLive with Green Man Gaming’s audience, which is why we’ve created a special free trial that will enable them to check OnLive out for themselves with no commitment, while trying out some of the all-time classic games they may have missed, as well as playing their latest games on different devices or when they’re away from their gaming rig.”

Since its launch in 2010, OnLive has empowered premium-quality gaming via the cloud on nearly any Mac® or PC computer and a wide range of thin client devices, including lightweight laptops, tablets, smart phones and TVs—platforms that would normally lack the processing power and memory to run graphics intensive games and other applications. Users can enjoy the freedom and convenience of the OnLive Game Service, playing their games seamlessly across connected devices wherever they are.

The OnLive Game Service is already available in the USA, Canada, and the UK, and is currently rolling out in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, The Netherlands, and Ireland. OnLive’s CloudLift™ service costs £4.95/$7.95/€5.95 per month, while the PlayPack™ service costs £6.95/$9.95/€7.95 per month.

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