Independent developer Vertigo Games today released a new pre-alpha multiplayer gameplay trailer for the recently Greenlit Oculus Rift enabled online diving game World of Diving

Greenlit by the Steam community in September showed us that there is definitely a market for World of Diving, and development has really leapt forward since then,” says Tristan Lambert, Lead Programmer on the project. “We’ve recently added multiplayer co-op missions, and our internal testers were so enthusiastic that we decided to show it early.”

World of Diving is now in pre-alpha, and players can start teaming up with friends, customizing and building their characters, and unlocking in-game items on in anticipation of the game’s release.

On players have their own Diving level, which come with increasingly exciting perks, including early access to World of Diving and exclusive in-game rewards. Players can upgrade their level with Diving XP that they gain from completing missions, participating in community activities,and offering feedback and ideas for development. In the near future, it will also be possible to purchase upgrades right away.

“With this online platform that allows for much more sophisticated feedback and rewarding there of, we’re hoping to take engagement with our modest, but enthusiastic and growing community to the next level,” said Richard Stitselaar, Creative Director at Vertigo Games.

World of Diving is expected to launch on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux in the second half of 2014, and will be Oculus Rift enabled.

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About World of Diving
World of Diving is the online multiplayer dive game that comes with full Oculus Rift support. Starting out in the Caribbean, World of Diving recreates and brings to life the world of wonder and discovery that is at the bottom of the ocean, where you will be able to hang out with friends, dive with the sea turtles, hunt ancient treasure and salvage shipwrecks, encounter the great white shark, and party on your own luxury yachts.

World of Diving aims to recreate the Earth’s vast oceansthrough a combination of procedurally generated environments based on actual biological and geographical data, and manually designed real-world diving spots.

Key features include:
Embark on missions and scenarios that will give you the best of real world diving, in both the single player campaign and multiplayer modes.
Visit astonishing real-world diving spots, manually brought to life by our design team.
Explore the Earth’s oceans without limitation thanks to procedurally generated environments.
Discover rusty shipwrecks, World War II submarines and eerie underwater caverns.
Customize your character, upgrade your diving gear and ships, and more.
Team up and explore the mysteries of the ocean with friends, or go solo.
Compete with friend and foe over ancient treasure and in exciting diving challenges.
Over a hundred collectable species, many of which add unique benefits to your diving skill.
Play using the Oculus Rift for the full immersive experience, or a traditional monitor.
Take part in the community and help direct the development of gameplay and in-game items.
For more information on World of Diving, visit http://www.divegame.netor find us on Facebook and Twitter.

About Vertigo Games
Vertigo Games is a Dutch game developer, located in the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our team has worked on a mix of entertainment and serious games, providing a unique, combined experience that is a snug fit for creating a fun and realistic game like World of Diving. These days, our team is creating some of the most advanced and realistic educational and serious games in the world, but our dream to create entertainment games has never been stronger.

For more information on Vertigo Games, visit or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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