ItsMuchMore was invited to the Spring Season Launch at the Nottingham Playhouse and what a season it is going to be! 

Giles Croft – Nottingham Playhouse’s Artistic Director and Stephanie Sirr the Chief Executive, gave us a fantastic evening of interviews and presentations, previewing what there is to look forward to.

 First up is a new production by the Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company – ‘Any Means Necessary’ by Kefi Chadwick is based on the true events that surrounded the undercover police operation in Nottingham that involved undercover officers infiltrating a group of environmental activists who planned a political protest at Ratcliffe-On-Soar power station. This brand new drama tells the story from the perspective of the women who were betrayed by the men they loved and the lies they were told. This play is a must see and is on from the 5th February.

Another Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company production coming up is ‘The Glass Menagerie’. This classic by Tennessee Williams is being directed by Giles Croft and he couldn’t wait to tell us what to expect from the amazing set design – something which I will look forward to seeing myself. ‘The Glass Menagerie’ is on from the 11th March.
‘Noises Off’ by Michael Frayn is described as a “riotous, hilarious comedy”. Set backstage, this play follows the antics and disasters that a touring troupe face before curtain up. It could leave you wondering if this is what it really is like behind the scenes! A collaboration between Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company, Northern Stage and Nuffield, catch this multi-award winning comedy from the 9th April.

 Nottingham born playwright Daniel Hoffman-Gill has written new comedy ‘Kings’ set in a Nottingham hostel. The story centres around a group of men living at the hostel and follows their friendship and frolics living in the same building. Based on his own experiences of working in a hostel and the characters he encountered there, this play comes with a warning “Contains Bonnie Tyler and Papier Máché” I would go and see it just for those. We were told that the play does contain strong language so if that is not your thing you may want to avoid but if you love that then catch ‘Kings’ from the 20th of April.

If you have never been to the Neville Studio performances then I urge you to try it this year. The Neville Studio is a smaller theatre within the Nottingham Playhouse which seats approx. 100. One thing I am excited about that will be on in the Neville Studio is The Mouthy Poets presents Say Sum Thin 10 with headliners Deanna Rodger and Raymond Antrobus. The Mouthy Poets visit schools in Nottinghamshire – including the one I work at – and do a great job involving the kids in performing poetry and brining poetry to the attention of young minds. Say Sum Thin 10 will have a theme of ‘Light’ to coincide with Nottingham’s Light Night and is on 5th and 6th February.

 These of course are just a few of the many great and exciting shows coming up for the Nottingham Playhouse for Spring/Summer 2016 – check them out online at or by picking up a Nottingham Playhouse Spring/Summer What’s On guide.