dying-light-humanityAs we said a few days ago, Warner Bros Games and Techland sent out a teaser about something big that was happening on the 11th. Well after all, that turned out to be another trailer. A teaser trailer, for another trailer? Well, I don’t know if its just me, but are they trusting in their game enough, that they need to keep bringing out trailer after trailer. Don’t get me wrong, this new trailer is dark, gorgeous, and really makes you think about the before and after of a zombie apocalypse, but a teaser trailer before a second trailer seems a bit desperate, and I was really hoping for another play through in demo form at home, after a great demo played at last years Eurogamer Expo.

Desperation aside, I think Techland should have every trust in this game, Zombies are still the ‘in’ thing at the moment, and probably will be for another 5 years, and having that little play through, I really enjoyed it, and I hope it does well in sales, and maybe be a little sleeper hit. In any case, I still look forward to picking up Dying Light some time this year.

Check the new sombre toned trailer below called Dying Light : Humanity – We had these ‘life on the line, kill or be killed’ trailers in the last two Dead Island titles, so why wasn’t we expecting it here with Dying Light also. Its gritty, and gorgeous, and may not match the original Dead Island’s or Riptide’s, but this is still bloody good.

you can also check out the teaser from a few days ago too

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