NEXON Europe today announced the third instalment of the second season of Vindictus, the popular free-to-play action MMORPG. Following on from the events of the Twilight Desert and the battle with the princess Iset and her guardian Havan, the player will now take to the new and mysterious setting of the “Misty Summit”. The next episode will be available for all players from 27th November

Comprised of four peaks rising out of the ocean, with interconnecting bridges to aid the players’ ascent, Misty Summit is an imaginative and complex new land filled with challenges for even the most seasoned of Vindictus adventurers. The narrow cliff paths also introduce a new battleground to face enemies on, as players can use the winding and dangerous routes to their advantage when facing the many monsters that will obstruct their trail.

“After the thrills of episode 2, we’re very excited to introduce the next instalment of our popular title that will no doubt refresh and reinvigorate our faithful community,” said Dina Chung, PR Manager at NEXON Europe. “There are a number of new and improved systems in the game along with new enemies and settings, which we’re really excited about and think our players will be too.”

Episode 3 Teaser Video (YouTube):


The new enemies include uniquely-named creatures, despite not being bosses, with distinctive attack patterns and monsters that can revive. There will also be improvements such as a Treasure Map full of disappearing monsters, and convenience when transferring in Episode 3.

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