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Nexon Europe Announces Fan-Focused New Content for War Rock

Free-to-Play Shooter to Receive New Maps, Achievement System, and Exclusive Halloween-Themed Content

Nexon Europe is excited to announce that the fast-paced, large scale FPS War Rock is getting a host of explosive new content over the coming months, based on community feedback.

The first update dropped on 15th October and brought with it a brand new map, Malta, and a robust achievement system.

Malta will see players locked in strategic combat situations in a sun soaked, seaside town. Four main routes stretch across the map, each with its own sniper nest, which make infiltrating the enemy base an extremely challenging proposition. While multiple converging pathways in the centre of the map ensure that adrenaline soaked, close quarter encounters will keep players on their toes.

The new achievement system will reward skilled players for achieving specific goals in-game, such as being proficient with certain vehicles or weapons. Players can now unlock titles, badges and medals for completing achievements. These titles can then be displayed next to nicknames in-game, while medals can be showcased in the game lobby. Additionally, players can check the achievements and stats of other players, such as number of headshots made and total play time.

“The War Rock team has been working extremely hard to create new content catered towards the community’s wishes. The feedback we received on the official forum has been essential in shaping the game and I’m incredibly excited for fans to go hands-on with the new additions.” said Marc Sandifer, Product Manager at Nexon Europe.

Nexon Europe also teased that three more maps are due to be released over the course of the coming months, each of which will cater to players of all play styles. Furthermore, for a limited time in early November, players will be able to wage war across a spooktacular, pumpkin-themed Halloween map.

With a host of new updates on the horizon, there really has never been a better time to take up arms in War Rock. To find out more about War Rock, visit the website: http://en.warrock.nexoneu.com/

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