The first ever Nerd Fest has been and gone, and a few of us from ItsMuchMore decided to go and check it out to see how their first venture into the ‘comic-con’ hosting scene panned out.

Here’s my (mini) impressions of how things went!

nerdfestlogoNerd Fest 2013 was held in the Britannia Hotel, Nottingham UK. Compared to other cons of this type, this was obviously quite small, but being their first, i was impressed with the layout, and in the end the overall size was just about right as a stepping stone, and I’m sure it will continue to grow in years to come.

With a whole host of well known publication comics, as well as a lot of independent artists, writers, pencillers, illustrators, creators, and teams, this was a really good look into the craft they all trade, and really was an eye opener to some of the fantastic independent comic on the  scene at present, which certainly seem to be making a bit of a come back as of late, compared to the more massively popular comics, like the Marvels and DC’s of the world.

1098272_612846542092864_737301445_n-1Along with showcasing their talents with the products there to read through, or look at to see, a lot of the people behind these independent comics or products on show, be it the head writer, creator, artist, they were there and ready to have a chat, and speak about their products, and just have a chit chat in general. Personally I’m a comic reader, but not a massive comic reader, but I was still made to feel at home, and with all these experts in their fields, it was enjoyable for me to just listen to a few of these people, speak about the trade they love, or there personal work they have all put their hard work into, just to see how passionate they are.

501ukgarrisonAlong with all these great comics on sale, there was something for all the family, including free caricatures, live bands throughout the 6 hour day, raffles and silent auctions (which went to some great charities), face painting, free doodles,  amazing art being drawn in front of your eyes by these talented people, memorabilia. badges, comic book arts and prints, t shirts and more, all there for you to buy and show your appreciated to this comic book scene. Oh and don’t forget about the Imperial Empire keeping their eyes on you as you arrive at Nerd Fest, with the 501st UK Garrison all suited and booted up for the task (along with the other great attendees all in cosplay showing their support to their favorite franchises)

There was also some really good Panels to sit down, and ask questions direct to the makers too, including people behind the likes of Dr Who, Spiderman, The Beano, 2000AD, Kings Watch, and more. It was a great time to sit down, take a load off your feet, and listen to the experts talk about their passion.

geekycomicsSome personal favorites throughout the con included the likes of Amanda Tribble, who was as enthusiastic and bubbly as her works on show, GeekyComics, who has some fab series laid out to read, with some really impressive art, along with the creator of his work their to talk to, Kate Ashwin, who had some really nice things to say, as well as a great selection of her works, and some collaboration works too, plus Hellbound Media, who had some great looking horror titles on show, with a mix of everything and anything, and again some great people behind the tables speaking about their trades. That’s just the tip of who was there, and there really was some great talented, and diverse talent of show, for all types of comic fans, and genres, which would cater for anyone from the hardcore comic reader to someone getting back into it like myself.

I will certainly be keeping an eye out on a lot of these independent talented people from Nerd Fest, to see more of their works in the future. I look forward to seeing how the team behind Nerd Fest continue with their shows in years to come, and they certainly have a fan in me, and a future attendee!

Good Job Nerd Fest 2013!

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