So the currently awesome Humble Indie Bundle 9 has just had 4 more games added to the collection, and they are yours at no extra cost if you originally paid over the average amount, which was around $4.50 at the time. If you didn’t well, why not give a little more to charity and get these awesome extra games this time round.

humblebundle9fezmoreAdded in the already fantastic bundle that included, Brutal Legend, Trine 2, Mark Of The Ninja, and Eets Munchies as standard, and if you had already paid above the average you also got FEZ, and FTL: Faster Than Light, you now will also get the excellent Limbo, the massively praised Indie Game hit from 2010, which has been on multiple platforms and continued to sell in the bucket loads, another commercially and critically acclaimed Indie game this time from 2011 in the gorgeously polished Bastion, we also get RocketBirds: Hardboiled Chicken, which our very own AndyKFry recently reviewed its counterpart on PS Vita, which lets just say, he enjoyed a a great deal! so there is no reason it wont also be excellent here, and we also have A Virus Named TOM, which is a very interesting, and easy to play hard to master Indie puzzler, its simplistic in its thought process, and bloody annoying when trying to implement it, its a great title, which lets say is destroying tomorrow, today! (Oh and don’t forget Soundtracks are included as a FLAC and MP3  download for all these newly added games too)

So here is the full round up

Brutal Legend, Trine 2:Complete Story, Mark Of The Ninja, and Eets Munchies: Beta Debut, plus FEZ and FTL as an original bonus, and now Rocketbirds: Hardboiled ChickenA Virus Named TOMBastion, and LIMBO.

Amazing Indie Goodness!

Visit – Humble Indie Bundle 9 page and Pay What You Want for these great titles, but remember, if you want all these goodies, you just need the pay over the average, which is currently a tiny $4.71

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