Mastertronic at Eurogamer Expo Showing a variety of games in the REZZED section of the Expo

It’s almost Expo time, so I just wanted to give you an update on all the games that Mastertronic will be showing at the Expo.

Montague’s Mount – Shown on PC and Oculus Rift

Montague’s Mount is a first-person rollercoaster ride through isolation, desolation and one man’s tortured mind, set against the bleakness of an isolated Irish island. The player regains consciousness on a windswept beach, with no memory of the past. Exploration and puzzle solving are the key to finding out what happened – and to escaping the island.

Please note that due to the popularity of the Oculus Rift, we are expecting queues from the public, so if you would like to try out Montague’s Mount on the Rift, Thursday or first thing in the morning is the ideal time.

The developer Matt Clifton will be at the booth for interviews and demos.

Montague’s Mount will be releasing on PC, Linux and Mac on 9th October. For Steam fans, it is also on Steam Greenlight, vote for it here:

Foul Play – On PC

Foul Play is a vaudevillian tale of daemons, disaster, deadly risks and duplicitous dealings. Including two-player online and local co-op with special team takedowns and linking attacks. Show off to the crowd in a variety of battles, where style matters above all!

Released on September 18th on Xbox Live Arcade and PC, Foul Play has been highly praised by the press for its charm and addictive gameplay.

The creators from Mediatonic will be on the booth and available for interviews. Or challenge them to a game! They can get pretty decent combo streaks.

The Chaos Engine – On PC

The restoration of the cult classic The Chaos Engine was released in August for PC and is a re-mastered version of the original Amiga game by the legendary The Bitmap Brothers.

Choose from six hard-nailed mercenaries, each with their own unique weapons and skills to combat the bizarre monstrosities created by the machine. Battle through four unique worlds in single-player or online and local co-op modes. Play in ‘Enhanced mode’ or ‘Classic mode’ with its original graphics and controls for the true Amiga experience. Steam Achievements will test the mettle of both new players and old fans. This restoration of the classic Amiga shooter includes all the intense gameplay of the original with enhanced graphics, controls and Steam features.

The team involved with the restoration of The Chaos Engine will be on hand to take you through the game, relive the nostalgia, hold your stuff whilst you go play and are available for interviews.

Dream – On PC and Oculus Rift

Enter the mind of Howard Phillips, a young man who has developed an obsession with his dreams. Discover unique interactive worlds filled with puzzles, secrets and horrors to find meaning in Howard’s directionless waking life. An original game from HyperSloth for PC, Dream features a non-linear narrative split into three acts with multiple paths and endings that are determined by how the player chooses to explore and interact between dreams. Each act will immerse you into stunning new worlds that help to decipher Howards past, emotions and ambitions. Through Howard’s dreams and nightmares you will have a chance to shape his future.

Please note that due to the popularity of the Oculus Rift, we are expecting queues from the public, so if you would like to explore Dream on the Rift, Thursday or first thing in the morning is the ideal time.

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