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Magrunner Dark Pulse, the puzzle/action game from Frogwares Studio, is set for global release this week on PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360®!

The game is available now worldwide on the PlayStation®Network, and will be available tomorrow on Xbox LIVE® Arcade! To celebrate the launch, players can now view the console trailer and immerse themselves in the Magrunner universe, where technology confronts the Cthulhu Mythos

In the near future of 2048, a handful of young and brilliant citizens are hand-picked by the Gruckezber Corporation to join ‘Magtech‘, an elite space research training program. Equipped with a glove using Gruckezber technology, the 7 candidates in the program have to make their way through a maze of increasingly spectacular rooms by magnetically charging various items and elements in the environment that will either attract or repel. What initially appears to be the chance of a lifetime quickly turns into a living nightmare where they must survive in a high-tech world that has spiraled out of control. This descent into hell is perfectly illustrated in this launch trailer.

Magrunner Dark Pulse is now available worldwide on the PlayStation®Network. It will be available worldwide on Xbox LIVE® Arcade tomorrow. The game is also available on PC on most major digital download platforms.

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