Nexon Europe is excited to announce that beta key registration is now available to the public for the epic online multiplayer brawler Lost Saga.


Lost Saga has opened its virtual doors to the community as Nexon Europe welcome yearning players to sign up for a beta key, which will allow access to the closed beta test from 27th February. Over 3000 people had previously joined the Lost Saga community and can now once again get their eager hands on a precious beta key, as online multiplayer battles await.

Along with sign up for a beta key, pre client download will open on 25th February and the participants can start to play the game right away when Closed Beta starts.

Developed by I.O. Entertainment and licensed by WeMade Entertainment, Lost Saga is an online multiplayer brawler game like no other, incorporating over 100 well-loved characters from across time and space, 20 maps and a wide variety of game modes. Having enjoyed considerable success so far, the community is well populated and is waiting for more users to join its ranks and shape the destiny of the game.

The official site recently launched, which can be found at

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