This week we welcome back the second series of BBC police drama Line Of Duty. Series 2 premiers Wednesday 12th at 9PM on BBC 2, and if the first series is anything to go by, then I recommend giving it a watch.

Line of DutyFrom the looks of things, you should be able to jump straight into this 5 part series, without having watched any of the first series of Line Of Duty as generally the main story and focus of series 1 was concluded. However I would recommend giving it a watch, as it was a great UK mini series, and even if the last episode and conclusion felt very rushed, with unanswered questions, its was still generally a good show to watch, and kept you guessing throughout.

lineofdutys121Having said that though the fact that some of the characters will be returning, the way they were presented in series 1, may play a part in series 2, so it may be worth that catch up after all. A few stories, or character arcs were never really fully explained, and then a twist as the end of series 1 kept the guessing game open. Here’s hoping they do explain more, and conclude some of that from series 1, but I don’t believe it would be the be all and end all if you start here from series 2.