The 21 playable games of the EGX 2015 Leftfield Collection – sponsored by SEGA – have been announced. This incredibly diverse group of games and gaming experiences include exploration simulator Quiet as a Stone, crazy goat noise game Man or Goat and ‘one-dimensional dungeon crawler’ Line Wobbler.

leftfieldmain1The Leftfield Collection provides a free platform for indie developers to show their latest projects at EGX. Once again, competition for places has been high with over 200 games submitted, displaying an exceptionally high level of quality throughout.

The eclectic mix of games include: ‘atmospheric, relaxing, childhood countryside exploration simulator’ Quiet as a Stone; Man or Goat, where the player must decide whether pre-recorded goat noises are real or a man pretending to be a goat; and Kill Box (working title), which critically explores the nature of drone warfare through an interactive installation. ‘One-dimensional dungeon crawler’ Line Wobbler, the favourite Leftfield Collection game of this year’s EGX Rezzed, also makes a very welcome appearance.


In all, there’ll be over 200 screens of indie gaming genius at EGX to surprise and delight you.

The full list of games can be found on the EGX what’s on page. Look out for plenty of additions to the list of playable games in the coming weeks!

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