psvitanewAnnounced at the Tokyo Game Show 2013, Sony have unveiled a new lighter, and thinner model of their handheld system. the PS Vita.

The handheld, the ‘PCH 2000 series’, compared to the current models is now being touted as the ‘Casual’ model, to appeal to more the casual handheld gamer (still trying to work out how someone will be casual enough to spend close to or upwards of £200 on a handheld) . This will be 15% lighter and around 20% thinner than the current PS Vita model.

psvitanewcoloursPlus guess what, to add to all these casual gamer needs, Sony are even throwing out 6 different colours, because you know casual gamers, will only go for those out of the blue (but not dark blue!), casual colours,

Guess what, casual gamers need that extra battery lift too compared to the current ‘hard core’ handheld gamer. This new casual model is being advertised with a battery life of up to and around 6 hours, which is an hour more than current Vita’s, but fortunately early Vita investors are not getting shoehorned to the maximum, as this casual model will only have a LCD compared to the OLED.

Features here on this new ‘casual’ PS Vita 2000 include 1GB (wow?!) of internal memory, and because casual gamers like to stay on Wi-Fi only????, that’s just what this new model will be as there is no 3G as like some current models, and will communicate by Wi-Fi only.

JAPAN-ENTERTAINMENT-US-IT-INTERNET-GAMES-SONYSony are also bringing out a bigger memory card, which PS Vita owners have been ‘literally’ gagging for.  Instead of the standard 32gb card, that is Vita specific, they are also bringing out a 64GB card now that will work with the new casual Vita.  See makes sense, casual gamers want more space don’t they, its not like a hardcore gamer with multiple games would want a bigger card is it! (No news if the current Vita will have a software upgrade to allow these 64GB cards)

The device goes on sale on 10 October in Japan. Sony has given no date for when it will be available in other countries.

In addition, Sony also showed off a tiny set-top box called the PS Vita TV. The device can connect to a television so owners can play their Vita games on a bigger screen. It can also be used to stream games being played on a PlayStation 4 console to another TV.

The Vita TV console can also pipe streamed media services such as Hulu to a display.