With less than a month to go until it opens, Nottingham’s upcoming new music venue, Peggy’s Skylight, has launched a kickstarter campaign to raise money for a grand piano.


In return for each pledger’s support, owners Rachel Foster and Paul Deats will be offering locals a number of rewards including a private music performance, professional singing lessons, professional piano lessons, tickets to special performances and a cocktail or meal named in their honour.


In addition, there will also be the opportunity to sponsor each of the grand piano’s keys as well as the music stand, legs, lid and pedals for the chance for sponsors to have their name displayed pride of place in the venue.


Paul Deats who in addition to being one of the brains behind the venture is also a professional pianist, said:

“Our vision for Peggy’s Skylight is for a venue that puts a real emphasis on excellent sound quality and nothing does that better than a grand piano. It’s something that we believe every great jazz venue needs as not only are they widely recognised as the gold standard for all professional performances, but the fact is, we simply will not be able to attract many of the big name artists we hope to without one.


“For a venue as large as Peggy’s, having a piano that will cut through the different noises of the hustle and bustle of the bar and restaurant is a necessity, and nothing can compare to the smooth, rich multidimensional sound of a grand piano.”


Fellow musician and partner, Rachel Foster, added:


“By helping us raise money for this piano, you’re not only helping us buy an instrument, you’re buying into a dream and a vision for the future of music talent in the region. We really do believe in this venue and hope the people of Nottingham will get behind us and help us make this dream reality. Every penny really does count and who knows, you might even be helping pave the way for the next great UK jazz musician.”


Although predominantly a jazz bar, Peggy’s will also be showcasing jazz inspired music in all its forms including soul, blues, afrobeat, Latin and funk. Set to launch on August 24th, Peggy’s Skylight promises a fusion of well-curated live music coupled with heart-warming food with a Middle Eastern twist.


For a full list of all pledges or to support the kickstarter campaign, head over to https://kck.st/2NQ0cPy.

You can also follow the ongoing progress of Peggy’s Skylight in the run up to the launch by signing up to the venue’s newsletter at www.peggysskylight.co.uk or through their social media channels – @peggyssklight on Instagram and on Facebook – www.facebook.com/peggysskylight/