Contemporary bluesy/rock band J Lee and the Hoodoo Skulls are releasing their next single 2 Bit Lovers!

This track kicks some serious butt, and the video fits perfectly for this song 🙂

Also with a current strong trend to Americana in the UK

Here is a link to the video for 2 Bit Lovers:

Just to re-cap, the band has a very strong line up with their hard hitting guitar riffs whilst sitting on solid drum grooves by drummer Wayne Riches (also was the live drummer for Skin- Skunk Anansie) and lead vocals by singer J Lee, of whom is also one of Shakin Stevens‘ sons, and has equally strong vocals similar to his father’s which sit perfectly on their overall sound. Completing the line up are renowned producer on guitar Harun Kotch, and the award winning/previously endorsed Luke Sohl-Williams on bass.

After their debut single ‘Woman’ having gone viral, we are really excited about this next release so please do have a look/listen as I highly recommend it!

2 Bit Lovers is out on Friday 1st December ahead of their debut album release set for early Spring next year.

Here is pre order link for the single: