dead-man-s-shoes-originalDoomed I say…. DOOOOMEEDDD, well Doctor ‘Doom’ed I mean. The excellent Toby Kebbell is currently being touted to play the role of Victor Von Doom, or Doctor Doom as he is mostly known, in the upcoming 2015 Fantastic 4 film. I’m a fan of Kebbell work, from the likes of the his underrated 2011 film The Veteran where he was the lead, other big budget and generally watchable films like Prince of Persia or Wrath Of The Titans, and of course his amazing performance in his first film, cult classic, Dead Man’s Shoe. Here’s hoping its all true, and I’m really sure, he will put on a ‘fantastic’ performance!

British actor Toby Kebbell is said to be in talks to play villainous Doctor Doom in a new Fantastic Four film.

According to Variety, the 31-year-old will line up against fellow Englishman Jamie Bell in the 2015 release, which will revive the Marvel Comics superhero quartet last seen on screen in 2007.

House of Cards’ Kate Mara, Divergent actor Miles Teller and Michael B Jordan round out the confirmed cast members.

Visit HERE for the BBC news story or HERE for the original Variety piece.


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