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Introducing new EP ‘Burnt Mementos’ by quirky jazz/funk/soul group Biscay!

It is an absolute pleasure to introduce 6 piece group ‘Biscay’. Their songs can only be described as shamelessly retrospective, fusing jazz, funk and soul grooves. This contrasts with the songs contemporary subjects, which wryly bemoan the state of the modern world.Biscay thrive on this contrast – much like the part of the Atlantic from which they take their name, their music combines smooth sounds with the turbulence of 21st century urban life.

Their debut, 6-track EP ‘Burnt Mementos’, due for release on Friday March 24th 2017, explores a range of topics from the flawed worship of good looks, the pointless pursuit of status, bad dates and worse relationships….the lyrics are also semi-autobiographical!

The band are a flawless line-up of musicians hailing from London and Birmingham, with the driving force of writer/guitarist Phil Danter, and French lead singer Elea May who adds a soaring flavor of lead vocals which sit perfectly upon the grooves with both her tone and overall sound.

Here is a link to video for their main single ‘Pretty People’ from the EP:


Burnt Mementos is now available to pre order off Bandcamp:


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