NEXON Europe today announced a new event for the popular MMORPG Dekaron, providing players with a whole new dungeon in which to battle the ferocious monsters of the mystical world of Trieste. New enemies and challenges await in the Infinite Battle 2 system, providing a fresh party experience that will test the limits of users’ abilities.

To activate the Infinite Battle 2, players must journey to the desolate Deadlands and speak to Jakhan, the revered inventor. From there, allies must be gathered and strategies planned as the choice of which challenge to take is revealed; Infinite Battle 2, for the standard dungeon containing a variety of vicious beasts, or the Premium Infinite Battle 2, which gives characters a bonus effect to help against the deadliest of enemies.

Players must take on the first wave of 200 enemies to proceed before reaching the Three Gate Guardians, hard-to-beat characters whose death will reward the victors with progression to the next stage. The Final Boss presents an even greater threat, only to be undertaken by the hardiest of challengers.

“We’re constantly looking for new ways to challenge our players and make the experience a more rewarding one for those playing at a higher level”, says Anna Kwon, Lead Product Manager at Nexon Europe. “With Infinite Battle 2 I’m confident we’ll be really pushing our community to the limit, but the rewards are worth it too!”

A host of new enemies can be taken on in the new dungeon including The Kira, a demon that will rush players in huge numbers; Durian, a poisonous beast; Hamark, a hammer-wielding heavy opponent; and Cesc, mounted on his infernal steed that can take out players quickly and easily with great accuracy and power.

New rewards are also available including Battlefield earrings, giving a comprehensive boost, and legendary boots and gloves, significantly increasing the wearer’s stats in a variety of ways.

Tickets to the Premium Dungeon will be available from 13th – 27th November. Players are encouraged to get on board as soon as possible.

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