iswb1Plan of Attack, are working with Indie development studio Forge Reply on the release of their next title: In Space We Brawl – a raucous local multiplayer competitive twin stick shooter developed for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 systems. Channeling the best of classic arcade beat ‘em up competition and intuitive twin stick controls, players face off across different intergalactic battlegrounds. After selecting from 11 spaceships and 11 weapon attachments, players unleash true cosmic mayhem.

In Space We Brawl features a local multiplayer setting with the gameplay mechanics of a fast paced space shooter. Players can select a ship and a weapon choosing among 100+ different combinations, looking for the best mix for their combat style. When battling in one of the eight different locations, they will also face environmental space hazards such as solar winds, black holes and alien nests that they must carefully navigate or use to their advantage when fighting against other players.

For more information on release dates and general this and that about In Space We Brawl visit their offical site at and you can also read the Dev Blog for up to date information about In Space We Brawl