You can harp on about your Last Of Us, your Uncharted, your Division, your Sackboy, your this your that, but make no mistake. THE BIGGEST NEWS FROM THE SONY PRESS CONFERENCE AT E3 2014 IS THAT GRIM FANDANGO IS RETURNING.

Grim-Fandango123Anyone that knows me personally will know how much of a fan of Grim Fandango I am. For years harping on about the game, when people ask me my favorite game of all time, it’s always replied with GRIM FANDANGO!, and its so sad that not enough people played the point and click adventure classic. Always tweeting to Double Fine and Tim Schafer just giving a little reminder here and there, contacting digital platforms like GOG and Steam to try to get a release, and now at last, it’s coming to PS4 and PS Vita, the remastered reimagining of Grim Fandango for audiences who never had a chance to play this beauty of a game!

Here’s hoping in time that a release on the PC could be made a possibility, if not, then I guess I’m heading to PS4 the instant Grim Fandango is released!

Check out the brief piece from the Sony Press Conference at E3 2014, along with the Retrospective trailer from Tim Schafer himself!



Grim Fandango E3 2014

Grim Fandango E3 Remake Revealed for PS4 and PS Vita at Sony E3 Press Conference

Grim Fandango Retrospective

The makers of Grim Fandango discuss the development of the beloved adventure game and how Double Fine Productions plans to release the original classic to a contemporary audience.