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Gather the players!

Here at ItsMuchMore you can hire us to bring our retro gaming setups for any occasion. 

What is a retro gaming setup?

Good question, our retro gaming setups include the a retro video games console, controllers plus a collection of games for that console/system and one of our LCD Televisions or Flat Screen monitors to display them on.

When you hire from us you also will have two members of our team to set everything up and be on hand throughout the day to make sure your day runs smoothly. 

Our setups can be fully personalised or customised for your event needs. If you only wanted consoles to just have sports games to entertain the party goers on a stag or hen do, we can arrange that! If racing games were more your thing with a fastest lap challenge we can cater for your needs and requirements. 

✅PAT Tested Regularly

✅Fully Insured

Our Equipment

Original Consoles & Games

Video Game Peripherals

LCD Televisions & Flat Screen Monitors

Select your weapons

Time to play the GAME!

We have a wide range of consoles and games for you to choose, if you were looking for lot's of video games consoles to enterain a large crowd of people or a more intimate setting we can also keep things simple.

To check availability and pricpricing please get in touch via email, this way you can let us know what you're planning and how we can assist with your event.

Choose your Retro Gaming Setup

Now it's time to select your consoles, either by selections below or mix n match. Not sure which ones to pick, get in touch and we will help plan your setups.

16-bit Generation

Sega Mega Drive • Super Nintendo (SNES) 

32-Bit Generation & Beyond

Sega Dreamcast • Nintendo 64 • Nintendo Gamecube • Sony Playstation • Sony Playstation 2 • Microsoft Xbox


Nintendo Wii U • Playstation 3 • Microsoft Xbox 360

Insert More Credits!

You can hire from 2-10 consoles, but can supply more on request, so get in touch.

Minimum booking of 2 hours, this booking will also include two members of the team on hand throughout your event.

You are the controller

If control pads and button bashing isn't your thing we also have a wide range of video game peripherals to add to a number of our consoles which include:

Get in touch and let us know what you have in mind and we can create the setting.

The Bigger Picture

Seeing is believing or so they say, our retro gaming setups are supplied with 22-Inch EIZO Flatscreen Monitors or 23-Inch Samsung LCD televisions as standard however, if you wanted to be on the big screen we also are able to provide a HD LED projector, to showcase any of your gaming action or run tournaments/challenges so everyone can see and be a part of them, let us know you want to add this to your event.