Here is a little aperitif to start your digestive system. Summer seems like ages away so here is a little taste of Hannibal season 3 to keep your appetite going.

The last time we saw our dear doctor he was boarding a plane to France with Dr. Du Maurier. Lecter’s psychotherapist, played by Gillian Anderson (who will reprise her role in season 3). In the teaser trailer we see Graham (Hugh Dancy) hunting down Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) in Europe. It was confirmed a while ago that some exterior scenes were shot in Florence, Italy.

Showrunnner Bryan Fuller has said in previous interviews that the new season will be be more inspired by Thomas Harris’ novels, including “Hannibal Rising” and “Red Dragon”.

Hannibal is returning in the summer of 2015. No specific date has been announced yet.