The Antagonist is back and ready to yet again spread destruction, but this time he’s not alone. The new free ‘Survival’ DLC planned to be released on September 10th, will allow you to send one of his 3 followers for a killing spree, roaming new maps and improving your skills in the new arcade gameplay mode. Those who have already mastered the game will also be able to challenge themselves in a ‘Story’ and ‘Insane’ difficulty modes and those who until now, were only considering the purchase, can hesitate no more, as starting tomorrow the game will be 35% off.

imageBuy the game either from Steam: or directly from the developer’s website:

Also along with the DLC launch the price drop for the game will start. You will be able to purchase Hatred for only 10.83 EUR. That’s 35% off! Make it quick though as the promo lasts only from September 10th until September 17th.

Already own Hatred? Great! On September 10th you’ll be able to download the DLC for free and enjoy all the cool features it has to offer:

3 custom maps available only in ‘Survival’ mode.

3 new playable characters with various combat stats.

Rank systems that include: unlockable perks, specials, weapons and items of mass destruction.

New leaderboards and achievements.

That’s not everything. This new update also brings you:

Cheats (unlimited ammo, ‘God mode’, access to all weapons).

New ‘Story’ and ‘Insane’ difficulty modes.

Additional minor quests for certain levels.

Steam Cards.

Bugs fixes and overall performance improvement.

Hatred is an isometric twin-stick shooter where the player takes the role of a cold-blooded Antagonist, who is full of hatred for humanity.