So here we are, are the waiting???….. well we didn’t have to wait long for the performance to kick in.

Here I was at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal, a totally different people you would sat around me, the crowd was more like you would expect if you were going to see shows like We Will Rock You or Rock of Ages, but it felt good to be sat with an audience who showed so much passion for what Greenday have achieved.

I personally haven’t kept up to date with what Greenday have been up to as of late, but I certainly remember the American Idiot album not leaving my CD player or any radio station or the music channels I switched onto, at the time you just couldn’t get away from them, so for me it’s good to hear these tracks again performed as part of a musical story telling.

We all were ready to rock, with the performers putting on a high tempo and a strong emotional performance, this wasn’t what I was expecting at all, I thought it was just gonna song after song not explaining anything, but the story had depth it took place after the events in America on September 11th, and how the news story broke to the world and what impact it had to everyone.

The story was told by three main characters, each taking different paths throughout their lives, whether it be losing their way or their grip on life, it was remarkable task how they pulled this off and kept the audience entertained and interested.

For the first 30mins minutes I didn’t know what was going on, but I soon started to catch up and then really enjoyed and understood what they were trying put across on stage. With Greenday’s Amercian Idiot album and book of the same name each song told a story and little part of what happened at the time and where it lead the characters, the whole cast put on a incredible performance.

The live band too gave the packed Theatre Royal Nottingham a blast from the past, just hearing songs like ’21 Guns’ ‘Wake me up when September Ends’ made me want to stand up and start singing along, and those where my two favourite sections of the show, with great costumes and the stage design it has it be up there with one of the shows I will remember for a long time and it was enjoyable.

Amelia Lily put on a great performance and her vocals were stunning, Newton Faulkner (Who played the role of Johnny) totally owned the stage and every song he performed was outstanding.

A replacement to the role of Tunny was played by Cellen Chugg Jones, who was solid, personally he was my best performance of the night.

Overall this was a great show, with good story telling, amazing music and cast performances. If you want to see something different from the norm go see Greenday’s American Idiot, the standing ovation given by the audience couldn’t be wrong.