Being a backer myself, I’m pleased that Nairi has just reached its goal of 7,500 EUROS and with just under 2 days left!

I’m certainly hoping it can suck a few more funds from people and reach their stretch goals especially considering this will be completed now, and this might give people that feeling this this game will not be a waste, and to try and help get some more pledges in.

One thing to remember, this is being created by a game studio only just formed in July 2016, so all the best to HomeBearStudio.


Check the trailer and press release below


Main Funding Target Met With Stretch Goals To Be Announced.

Also Achieves Greenlit Status!

HomeBearStudio are pleased to reveal that the Kickstarter, for the very charming graphic adventure NAIRI, has funded! With the main funding target met, the team plan to reveal stretch goals for the game in tonight’s campaign update!

“With NAIRI now funded and Greenlit on Steam, we’d like to start sharing what we have planned for stretch goals.” said Joshua van Kuilenburg, project lead at HomeBearStudio. “By reaching these, it would allow us to further immerse players into a living and breathing world and really enrichen the exotic city of Shirin. We’re excited to be announcing our plans in tonight’s update.”

NAIRI tells the story of an abandoned upper-class girl who meets Rex, a criminal-turned-scholar. Together, they adventure through the animal-inhabited oasis city of Shirin. Become familiar with Nairi and Rex while uncovering the dark history and mysteries of an oasis based city, Shirin! The city’s infrastructure – water supply and sanitation, social class differences and more are all considered within the environment, without taking away from the quirky and unique fantasy setting.

Drawing inspiration by works such as The Last Airbender, Toy Story and Spirited Away, the light tone of NAIRI is juxtaposed with a strong focus on character development, with a darker overarching theme.

Game Features:
•A classic graphic adventure!
•Exploring a fleshed out world full of fun characters, with dark and deep dungeons with devilish puzzles.
•A compelling story with strong character development.
•Charming, unique visuals and an awesome soundtrack.



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