Rockstar Games’ continuing saga of crime, corruption and great storytelling has brought us here to Grand Theft Auto V. Breaking all kinds sales and entertainment records Rockstar Games is riding high. With a period of 4 weeks now passed since launch. Many have completed the amalgamated story of Michael, Franklin and the cult loved Trevor. The next step begins today GTA Online.

What is surprising is how a character is created! You choose your grandparents… which is turn create your parents of which then creates the dymanics and appearance of your character. A welcome change to the usual way to create an avatar. For those Social Club members you have the chance to choose special parents.  Further un-direct character customization follows with choosing how many hours you spend between traits such as sleep, couch sitting, sports and other aspects which adjust your characters stats in shooting, driving, stamina and the appearance alters.

Choose a name and its time to go online!

2013-10-01 14.10.53


Well nope, so far some 9 hours after first being offered the options to go online, have been unable to. Confronted with the below screen. Thousands have taken to Twitter and Facebook reporting the same.

2013-10-01 14.07.53

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