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Goose Fair – Returns to Nottingham!

The Goose Fair returns for yet another year at the Forest Recreation ground in Nottingham. With all the fun at the fair bringing all the old favourite rides,games and food stalls as well as a new ride for the year too.

For the past few years I have been attending the opening night of the Goose Fair Nottingham and this year was no different, jumping on a busy tram to get off at the forest tram stop you could see a hear the Goose Fair from quite far away anyway. With regular buses provided by Nottingham City Transport (offering discounted tickets onboard the bus and or their website) which do stop nearby the forest ground making it easy to get their from the city or surrounding towns or villages plus the Tram is running with little delays and a packed busy service.

I noticed there was different layout than last year, there was a number of food stalls outside the barriers of the fair normally this is all blocked off and you can pick which way you want to start at first when entering the fair. Being different this year these stalls brought in the crowds hungry for food before entering which was a good idea.

The fortune tellers where back in force over the road from the recreation ground with their glowing lights on their caravans but all of them properly already knew I wouldn’t be using their services that evening if they could tell the future or read my thoughts.

Roll up Roll up will you be the next “Lucky Lucky winner?” a number of the people behind the game stalls where shouting and waving their arms to bring you over to their game, don’t know why there was an extra lucky but I wasn’t so Lucky Lucky when I played I was more Lossy Lossy but its all the fun of the fair at the end of the day no point moaning about it and I won a fake angry bird key ring just for having a go of a dirt game anyway :).

Lots of same rides this year just like pervious years with a number if ghost trains crazy mirrors and dodgems plus the big rides all had the same scare factor which was just looping round and spinning while in the air so it was nothing special as there was around about ten different kinds of those rides at the fair, the new ride called Seven Centuries for this year Goose Fair was a giant spinning swing ride which was just a bigger version to what was at the market square earlier in the year for the beach / seaside of Nottingham, It seemed to have a bit of technical difficulties when the fair first opened as the rides lights where off and no one was on it or queuing for it which was a shame being as it was on the opening night but they soon fixed it and it soon packed up.

The thing which you can’t help but notice is the amount of Minions each game stall is giving out as prizes , these minions are from the hit movie despicable me and if your a fan of that you will be having a go at all the games to try and win one, hopefully more successful me as I didn’t much to the Mrs dissatisfaction.

If your worried about the rain and the mud don’t be as this year there is more metal ground covers and walk ways plus the good old port-a-loo toilets are back looking lovely and clean as ever yuk! Why do they get so dirty?

If you want to get yourself a cuppa and a cake get yourself down to the scout hut there is refreshments as well as it being indoors if it is raining outside as you can get a seat just to rest your legs after a long evening walking and eating all the food from the best thing at the Goose Fair which is the food stalls.

You can’t beat a small cup of boiling hot mushy peas and pouring ice cold mint sauce on them, its weird but it does taste really nice and it warms you up while walking around, glad to see the amusement arcades back so I rocked out on Guitar Hero Arcade playing “Jukebox Hero” which was on really loud I am sure it was turned up to 11, I had a crowd of people watching as way whilst I topped the leaderboard.

Great evening always a fun evening, good to see alot of police walking around as well as Showsec and fair staff just to make sure everything ran smoothly. St Johns Ambulance seemed to have a busy night when we just got there they would carrying a young girl who looked drunk but that’s just what it looked like could of been something worse and also the waltzers was closed down because another girl was on there was ambulance and showsec staff giving her aid but both where quickly dealt with so great work to all staff.

So get yourself down to the forest recreation ground for this years Goose Fair regardless of the weather as its only on till this Sunday.


Best thing of the night: Has to be mushy peas and mint sauce, or seeing the smiling faces for children and big kids like me with all the lights and sounds of the fair.

Worst thing of the night: Not winning a minion toy and everyone else was walking around with one.

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