Multiplay delivers bespoke platform in partnership with the UK’s best telecoms service provider

Multiplay is delighted to announce a partnership with giffgaff to create a bespoke eSports platform for our members. As part of the agreement, Multiplay will deliver unrivalled, action-packed tournaments, with the top eight teams invited to the finals at Insomnia53 on Friday 21st November 2014.

The finals at Insomnia53 form part of Riot Games’ Four Nations qualifying process with a total prize pool of £10,000. Players will compete in League of Legends, known for being one of the world’s most popular online games, played by over 40m gamers every month.

After Insomnia, Multiplay will continue to build content for giffgaff in a long term deal designed to tap into Multiplay’s esports pedigree, educating and informing giffgaff members across the UK.

“For almost two decades Multiplay have helped the competitive gaming scene grow from small gatherings into the global phenomenon it is today. This partnership with giffgaff is another step in opening up the incredible world of esports to a whole new audience,” said Craig Fletcher, CEO & Founder of Multiplay. “We’re delighted to leverage our technology, our experience, and our passion for competitive gaming to deliver another great service to giffgaff members across the country.”

“We began this project to help raise awareness of the UK eSports scene and provide a destination that would help teach and train people about the many careers within eSports” said Gregg Baker, Head of Community for giffgaff. “With their knowledge and experience we saw Multiplay as the ideal partners to work with to help us deliver the vision we have”.

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For more information on Insomnia53 and to secure tickets, visit online now at