A brand new battlefield has been added to Total War: ARENA in one of our regular updates, Germania is the largest and most detailed map to date and joins Thermopylae, Marathon and Salernum in the map roster for the Total War: ARENA Closed Alpha.   

The new map provides players with a dense forest environment, offering multiple ambush opportunities. This is the perfect map for the more experienced players looking to work their way up the ranks. Check out the Germania Map Spotlight now for further details on this unforgiving and challenging new battlefield: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUZZCFgzYb0


Total War: ARENA is a free-to-play, team-based strategy game, putting players in the middle of epic-scale battles. Using key elements of award-winning Total War design, it is made from the ground-up for multiplayer realtime strategy fans, with players going head-to-head in 10v10 battles.  


This weekend Total War: ARENA is celebrating the Ludi Victoriae Caesaris, a historical annual games event established by Julius Caesar in 45 BC. To honour these popular ancient Romans events, victorious players will receive extra battle rewards! Play Total War: ARENA this weekend and get 2000 Gold for each Commander’s first battle victory, each day. Bonus Gold will be awarded for battles played from Saturday 25th July 00:01 UTC to Monday 27th 23:59 UTC.


It is easy and quick to join the Closed Alpha, sign up at: www.TotalWar.com/Arena. The Closed Alpha is currently available in Europe; US servers will be added soon.


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