Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our winners! Thousands of internet users have diligently voted over the past six weeks or submitted their own videos to the “Your Video For Charity” contest.

In the first category, the Italian Salvatore Cinque Grana was able to secure the favor of the community and thus the gaming pc as well as the € 10,000 with 31,982 votes. In his name, Infernum will donate the full € 10,000 to the charity “Croce Rossa Italiana” which are part of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Salvatore “SurrealPower” Cinquegrana and Infernum donate € 10.000 to the Italian Red Cross.

“It was great to see the Italian community of YouTube all united for a good cause. I would like to thank in particular FancazzistiAnonimi, Leonardo Decarli, GaBBoDSQ and FavijTV for having supported the initiative in full. We did it all together for Sardinia!” says Salvatore “SurrealPower” Cinquegrana.

In the second category, Julien Perez has prevailed. He convinced the jury with his video “If Dragon’s Prophet what to 8bit game” and will donate € 5,000 to the “National Union of Aveugles et deficients Visuels” which aims to support the blind or visually impaired and wants to improve their general living conditions.

Salvatore “SurrealPower” Cinquegrana and Infernum donate € 10.000 to the Italian Red Cross.

All information on the winning videos can be found on the contest site:
Due to the huge success of the contest, Infernum have already begun another charity campaign. In collaboration with the Internet platform Fraisr, the marketplace for a good cause, Players can purchase a code until 31st December that unlocks the unique dragon “Scarlet Flame” in game. A portion of the proceeds will be donated by Infernum to the worldwide operating humanitarian organization CARE International and supports the fight against global poverty. All information about the new charity campaign can be found on: