gamecity1The festival of entertainment and gaming, diverse in its aspects to suit everyone. A feel good positive vibe seemed to permeate from those involved that we spoke with.

Getting around to the festivities and so much going on was unfortunately always something you were going to miss, which shouldn’t be a bad thing, as ultimately with such a broad spectrum of people and gamers catering for all, is not a task that can be taken lightly.

UKRockers who were involved with Gamecity in its infancy, had press passes to the events, talks and fascinating activities. However fitting around free time away from commitments was difficult, we did thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the events we attended.


The historical Nottingham market square was transformed with a HUGE event sized tent, and an EA truck promoting the released the prior week Battlefield 3. which strangely on all the time we passed by the events of the days, was largely unoccupied, may it have been the presentation of thatgamescompany.

Thatgamecompany developer of the magnificent Fl0w and Flower on PS3 talked about development using emotion as the motive for experiencing a game, challenging the current engagement of action, adrenaline and force. Fl0w achieved the highest number of downloads for a digitally available PS3 title in 2007. Thatgamescompanys’ titles certain hold true to, to the ethos discussed the virtues of simplicity and artist appeal. The success with Fl0w, Flower, Cloud, Journey and the coming of Journey is undeniable, as was the quietness of the EA truck.


Gamecity 6 also coincided with the 2011 celebration of 25 years of the adventures with Link in Hyrule, in “The Legend of Zelda”. Gamecity6 very proudly being a different kind of festival, made this one of the centre pieces for the event, transforming the tent and surrounding space of market square into Hyrule! After spotting some friends in the forming queue, we joined them and the buzz of gamers, fans, cos-players and the press was incredible. “I’m so glad this is happening here” was a quote we heard from some passing cos-players. Quite cheekily nudging a fan, and saying “Shining Force forever!” got me a hug but a stern look of concern with her pointing to Nintendo magazine front cover emblazoned with Link. The queue as we neared the doors, was hundreds long stretched around the tent almost completely!

The first hundred through the doors at the delayed opening received an “Ocarina” of their very own, and promotional material of Nintendo 3DS’ release of Ocarina of Time. Sword training and prizes up at the stage area for the best flourishes and poses. Artists were busy at work painting murals from the Zelda titles and characters from the series. We noticed a panic somewhat of team members trying to set up Wiis and realizing they had to faff around with the screen settings of the Wiis. It was announced that each screen would be playing a different Zelda title from across the series, the original and twilight princess were set up at that time and both already had crowds of fans eager to jump on. Then a gasp from the crowd and a rush to the right side were a back stage area was set up. After the uttering of the words “Skyward Sword will be playable for the first time here today”. IGN were also on hand talking to the fans.

gc64Link themed giant cakes were also available to the celebratory fans. Later on the in the day an “orchestra of ocarinas” played followed by guidance on how to play the wonderful sounding instrument. Coupled with the bid to complete all 15 Zelda games in one marathon session!

The Zombie Pagent was fun to see, continuing the theme from last year.

With talks, events and activities including the likes of development of Goldeneye: Reloaded, Littlebigplanet2 live, film premiere of Kooky followed by a Q&A with the director and producer and BAFTA presents Richard Lemarchand of the team of Naughty Dog developer of Uncharted 3.

Gamecity6, was a brilliant positive experience of the culture of video-games.

By Kristian Lander (Guest ItsMuchMore writer)