Adam Sawkins and the crew at ProjectorGames have been feverishly banging away at the FortressCraft Evolved code getting it ready to leave Steam’s Early Access.

forestcraft1The latest update, 1.19, is the penultimate patch before FortressCraft Evolved leaves Early Access and it drops in all the remaining features the gamers have all waited so patiently for! Update 1.19 has introduced Tower-Defense style Fortress Crafting, more Aliens, Mobs, Minecarts, a brand new Tutorial and so much more! If you haven’t been inside the worlds of FCE since it debuted on Early Access you have missed out on so much. If you’ve never been, NOW is the time to suit up.

Adam Sawkins says “We’ve spent a huge amount of time optimizing the game for lower-end machines – at the same time allowing faster machines to simulate bases with over 30,000 machines in them! 

We’ve also examined the complexity of the game as we carry on adding new things, and have implemented an all-new Intro Sequence, Base Generation System and a Tutorial System to take players through those tricky early steps! Continuing to listen to feedback from players, the base-attacking monsters and progression have had substantial tweaks, from new types of Conveyors to richer Biomass deposits for ever-more rocket fuel to drive the automated Missile Assembly System.

Updated 1.19 Features Include:

  • Defend your base from waves of enemy mobs
  • Automate huge amounts of resource transfer using the new Rolling Stock research which unlocks you Minecarts
  • Research, craft and build enormous multiblock machines
  • Huge Boss Fights
  • New Laser Turrets and Missile Launchers have been added to deal with all new threats
  • Higher scale power systems
  • Rush Mode

Adam continues to explain: “The Difficulty levels have also had lots of improvements, and a beginning player on Easy should be able to be building the Laser Quarries within 20 hours of starting their first world.

Multiplayer and server hosting has also had many hours of work put into it, and we’re confident that the majority of players should be able to spend many happy hours building factories and fighting monsters together without seeing issues.

And finally, there’s an end-game; building the 13-metre tall Orbital Energy Transmitter and charging it with 100 million power will allow you to consider the game completed, and unlock Rush Mode! In Rush Mode, everything is cranked to the max; ore, crafting and power is scaled up by at least 10x, and you’re tasked with re-charging the Orbital Energy Transmitter against the clock – post the best times on the forums and see how you compare to everyone else! I can almost smell the end of Early Access! However, leaving Early Access by no means the end of development on FCE. We are dedicated to continue improving and implimenting new ideas into the game.”

We urge players to get lost in the challenge of surviving in this alien world!  Armed with their cunning, a life sustaining suit and the tools to uncover precious resources, players can share their discoveries and contraptions with the rest of the community on Steam.

And of course we cannot forget to mention the Creative Mode where some amazingly talented gamers have been crafting some truly stunning masterpieces thanks to Fortresscraft Evolved’s easy to use super-build tools, custom detailed blocks and superb lighting system.

To celebrate this milestone update FortressCraft Evolved will be discounted 77% off for a limited time and is available for Windows PC now on Steam Early Access with early Mac and Linux versions to test out as well.

Go grab your friends online and let the creativity & survival begin!
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